Merch Informer Review

Last updated: 16/11/2017


TL;DR - Merch Informer is an essential tool to save time on niche research. It's well worth the subscription and new features are always being added. Find out more and sign up to merch informer at the Merch Informer site.

Merch Informer is perhaps the best known merch tool out there. It’s certainly the number one niche research out there and is constantly updated and worked on by a dedicated team of developers. In terms of niche research it helps you find low competition niches and within those niches the bestselling merch shirts. It does this by bringing a bringing together several key aspects of niche research that’s otherwise require you to use several separate websites to achieve the same goal. 

Merch Informer Features
  • See the level of competition within each niche. 
  • Find out whether the niche/keyword is trademark safe.  
  • See the shirts within that niche including their best seller ranks (invaluable info).
  • Find the best selling shirts via its Merch Hunter module. 
  • Use the trademark alerts module to alert you if there are any potential trademark violations to be aware of.

There are several modules already available in merch informer and more to come as the team releases regular updates. 

The team have recently launched a slick mobile app on both iOS & Android. The app performs great and makes niche research on the move an absolute doddle.

The Merch Hunter module is very popular as it gives you so much functionality. You can explore historical data for each product to see exactly what strategies the top sellers are using to succeed. 

Find out more and sign up to merch informer at the Merch Informer site.