Merch Wizard

merchwizard logoMerch Wizard: Organize and Power Your Entire Merch By Amazon Business

This magical Merch By Amazon Chrome Extension does all of the below and more:
✅ Exports ALL of your listing information (brand, title, bullets, description, a thumbnail pic of your design, price, product type, colors, current BSR, number of reviews, average star rating and sales data) to a powerful “spreadsheet” in the cloud called Airtable.
✅ Store your PNG files directly with your listings!
✅ Find out which of your listings have reviews, including their average star rating and current BSR.
✅Assign niches and tags to your listings - discover your bestselling niches. 
✅ Filter Listings by Product Type.
✅ Translates your listings to German in one click.
✅ Easily list designs on other product types and markets and re-upload designs that Amazon removed due to no sales.
✅ Powerful search features directly in the app! Some examples: 
🔹 Show me All Products with no sales and less than 30 days Pending Removal so I can click Edit All and easily change keywords or lower pricing for each result.
🔹 Show me all Products priced at $16.99 that have made at least 1 sale so I can raise their prices.
🔹 Show me all listings that haven't sold and have less than 30 days until they're removed so I can batch Edit All and easily change keywords or lower their prices.
🔹 Show me all Youth shirts with any keywords that violate Amazon’s new Youth TOS changes so I can remove them.
✅ Creates listing data for scaled designs for super fast uploading.
✅ Keeps track of which PODs you have uploaded to.
✅ Supports all marketplaces (US, UK & DE).
✅ Supports all product types (shirts, hoodies, popsockets).
✅ Does not require any prior knowledge about Airtable.
✅ Much easier to use and even more powerful than it sounds!
✅ Great support team.
✅ Regular updates.



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